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The Chronicles Of Kiara

Tuesday, April 6


  Okay so I decided that since I been kinda obessed lately with astrology that be my first real post. I can't really say that all my posts will be on horoscopes (since it probably won't) but this one will be. So incase you didn't know my birthday is October 22nd making me a libra. I find that we are well-balanced people that holds friendships together. I'm sure y'all will agree =].

Here are some fun facts about the horoscopes of the important people in my life.....

Cancer (mom)- A feminine sign that shows the sign of home life. They love to eat and often worry about their weight. There special colors are SEA green and silver (Ha that explains my mom's favorite color green) representing the moon and sea.

Aquarius(grandma)- Their element is AIR along with Gemini and Libra. The star tarot card represents them. Their catch phase is "I know" (anyone of your aquariusans gonna admit to that lol)  Their birth flower is the orchid. Isn't it pretty it reminds me this nice bracelet I used to have.

Pisces(aunt)- Element is WATER. The feet is their body part ruler. Virgo is their opposite sign. Friday is their lucky day (aka party day) With the key phase "I believe"

Libra(me and my close friend)- Our special color is blue(weird my fav color is red). Our starstone is Sapphire. We are social animals and love our friends and family ;)

Okay well thats all for now. Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with these facts or request your sign. I might do a pt. 2 if you request your sign. Also drop a comment if you want to bring to my attention  something or have an idea for me to post about.

~$igning 0ff~