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The Chronicles Of Kiara

Thursday, April 1

The Basics

 Okay well this is the 1st blog I EVER did lol but I promise it would be popping (lack of better word). So before I do anything else I felt like I needed to tell you (the readers)  what this blog would be mainly about.
It mostly be focused on the many wacky and random things I feel like discussing . For example, why do we find eggs on Easter when bunnys doesn't hatch them? Or something important going on in my life. 
  I also created this blog so years from now I could look back and see how much I grown. How I would mature from the 'Princess' to the 'Queen B' taking over the world. Yes thats right I would RUE the days. HA!! I say I'm a pretty entertaining person with strong views on a lot of different things so don't be suprised if I post a review for a video game or something.

Alright Ima wrap this up but don't worry I be back soon with your first-class ticket to KIARALAND!!!

~$igning 0ff~